Best courses, Learn Python

Best Courses to Learn Python

Today we’re going to talk about how to learn python and I review Python books, python courses, I even tech python tutorials on this site, so you can learn python really fast, so let’s start with courses.

Some courses paid, some free from Udemy, Udacity, Coursera..

First, the courses from Udemy the python mega course, complete python Bootcamg and automate the Boring Stuff with python Programming, and a couple of Udacity courses : introduction to python and programming  foundations with python and then finally Python for Everybody specialization from Coursera.

Now I’m going to tell you why I like these courses, they all have some things in common, they teach you python and they cover the basics really well, they also have an online community where you ca ask yours questions if you’re stuck that’s really important, because certainly you will get stuck if you’re learning this alone.

For mega course :

What I like about this course is that it focuses on projects, and projects are really important what I like about.

For Bootcamp :

Bootcamp covers everything that you need to know very concisely, so by time you finish the course you’re in good position to start python career. What I particularly like about this one is that there are lots of exercises to practice what you’ve learned finally.

For Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming:

Access from here

This is a companion course, one of the best books ever been written on learning python , and for that reason i live it, and we’re going to have a look at the book later in this article.

For Udacity courses :

Udacity is doing great stuff in this space, and one of my reasons you might want to take a Udacity free course is because it would lead nicely into like their machine learning courses or the artificial intelligence or the robotics or whatever you wanted to do and you wanted to take python in many ways you start python will be influenced by what your goal is for learning python there’s the introduction to python course and then the programming foundations with python , what good about this one is that it covers object-oriented programming as well and some detail


Python for everybody this is a hunky course and is particularly useful for people who  want to end up down the data route in some way you can have a look at more of detail yourself and I will posting a full review of this course.