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You are a beginner ? these are the best courses in online data science ! – Part 1-

Over the years i’ve done loads and loads of online courses on data science, and you know there’s been an explosion of course is offered on various different platforms and what to do in this article is if you’re new to data science and you want to find a way of learning, what you need to know in order to become a data scientist or a data or data analyst and move onto that career path is  I want to give you my opinion of the various different courses that are out there and I hope that would be of some use to you.

I would to say that there is kinds of hierarchy of platforms when it comes to courses that are offered on data science, starting at the bottom you have say Udemy. Udemy has thousands of courses and there are many courses on data science but you have to be quite careful because a lot of the courses are quit low quality but there are one or two gems in there and if you really new to this you know and you haven’t decided whether you want to commit time and resources into becoming a data scientist or a data analyst, there are one or two courses on Udemy that might be worthwhile and the great thing about Udemy is that as you buy during a promotion.

So I would go to Udemy and check out the courses by JOSE DE PORTILLO and he’s done quite a few courses on Python and Python for data science but really you know if you want to do a data science you should looking at different platforms than Udemy, so in this hierarchy of platforms I will place Udemy at the bottom but there is still some value to it.

Moving up and it’s quite a jump up review Udemy because I would say certainly the quality is  much greater in the next ones that I’m going to recommend and the price is also higher it’s a sort of mid-range price it’s a few hundred dollars a year and that’s data camp and data quest.

So what I like about data camp are the various different tracks that they offer, there’s data scientists with our data scientist with Python, you know and it takes you through all the things that you need to know and there’s a quizzes, videos, interactive coding challenges where you through and do accrue points by doing that.

Now I have paid for a data camp subscription and I have done several of their courses you know and I thought they were pretty good, also the same sort of price is data quest. what I like about data quest is the way they teach so they’re much focus more focused on project style learning, as anyone that has learn data science and data analytics will tell you the best way of learning this stuff is to do project, you can go through books and go through online courses and exercises and follow what see in those exercises and you find understand those bits but you find very difficult to apply what you’ve learned to other settings.

If you learn by using projects and you know and actually  having to go through a project from start to finish that’s where you rally learn how to apply this stuff.