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You are a beginner ? these are the best courses in online data science ! – part 2 –

Today I’m going to continue our article about best courses to learn data science, so yesterday we’ve talking about importance of project in learning processes, it’s  clear that you need to work on your own project and Dataquest is very project focused, so I would definitely recommend a data quest, you have a look at Dataquest and see what you think and if you’ve got a few hundred dollars to spend on an online course, you know take a look at data quest  it looks really good.

And moving up now we have EDX and Coursera now these are two really great platforms and what I like about them is that they partner with you know very well know n and  well respected institutions like JOHNS HOPKINS University and University of Pennsylvania, MIT, Harvard that’s kind of thing so you’re getting really high quality courses.

My favorite Coursera courses are :

The data science specialization by Johns Hopkins University, that really does take you from you beginner level to really quite a competent intermediate level, you need a few programming skills, if you know a bit of Python or some of other programming language you should be fine and you know it gives you a general overview of data science, it teaches you how to program in  R, it teaches you how to clean data and how to acquire data, it  teaches you about exploring your data. So you know what models might be appropriate for your data, and the there’s section on statistics and regression and you  know and then at the end there’s a project for you to work, this is one that I would definitely recommend .

The other pone I like is the applied data science with Python specialization  now this is not for beginners so it might be a good one to do after you’ve done the previous course but this take it a little bit further, and it teaches you how to do data science in Python it teaches you data visualization, there’s bit more on machine learning .