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You are a beginner ? these are the best courses in online data science ! – part 3 –

Now we’re going to talk about other courses, EDX again falls into this category of more expensive courses but really  good quality, so they partner with you know as I mentioned before MIT and Harvard and their data science courses that I think really good, one of them is with University of California San Diego and other one is with MIT, so the San Diego is micro master’s program in data science which uses Python for data science, it will teaches you how to use Python, it will teach you probability and statistics which of courses is essential if you want to do data science  and machine learning too, also big data analytics using Spark.

The other courses that I really like is micro master’s program in statistics, and data science from MIT, this start by giving you an overview of probability and digs much deeper into statistic and then  brings in the modeling using Python so those are my suggestions if you are looking for a really good online data science course.

I would also add to that the websites brilliant it’s a sort of much lower cost platform, but if you go on there and have a look you can see that they cover quite a lot of the knowledge that you  need to know in order to become good in data science and it’s explained well it’s a platform that I use regulary, and I think it’s an absolutely excellecnt platform and I would definitely recommended.

I hope that’s been useful for you, if you have any question, please ask them and the comment section, or message me on facebook page, see you in next article.

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