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5 most recommended Coursera Courses for Python, Machine Learning : Part 1

Today i wanted to talk about learning Python and resources that you can use to do that, and specifically I wanted to talk about Coursera courses, because I’ve talked about Udemy, but not yt for Coursera, so if that’s you’re looking for then maybe Coursera’s  for you so the courses from courser that I like well, I’ve already mentioned the machine learning course by Andrew moon and don’t let the fact that that’s not in Python put you off, if you want to learn machine learning it’s a very good course and we’ll have at it in more detail shortly.

The other courses are Python for everybody, applied data science, deep learning, and mathematics for machine learning, now I’ve included mathematics for machine learning because I get a lot of messages on mail box about I mean , it what’s the best way of learning machine learning ? or I want to get into data science you know should I do python or should I do R ?

My answer to those questions always is: I prefer python but really the languages doesn’t matter that much what matters is the matters is the maths it’s really important that you understand the maths if you’re going  to do machine learning and data science that’s is important then the programming language, you will pick the programmer programming language up you will learn that quite easily that quite easily but the maths is going to be the thing that could be more of a struggle.

So let’s have a look at these courses and the order I’m going to cover them is : Python for everybody specialization this specialization

First Course (Get started with python)

Second Course (Python Data Structure)

Third Course (Using Python to access web data)

Fourth Course (Using Database with Python)

Fifth Course (Retrieving, Processing, and Visualizing Data with Python)


So it starts off by teaching you the basics of python, data structures in this section it also teaches you, regular expressions which are really important something that you need to master If you’ve going to be working with data. Databases of course very important for anyone working with data and then the final project is retrieving processing visualizing data with python, so it takes from beginner to intermediate and it does it you know relatively quickly.

The next that you should take and this basically here goes over the basics of python in the first course and it give you an introduction to data science, and then it look at more advanced applied plotting techniques charting and data representation in python. so this would start bringing In then pandas and Numpy and those libraries that you will need.

I will talk more about it in next part …

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