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5 most recommended Coursera Courses for Python, Machine Learning : Part 2 With advises

The next step would be machine learning, for that one of the bests courses is Deep Learning Specialization, and what do we cover here but it starts off, obviously going into neural networks and deep learning and then how to tune the you know the high parameter tuning using the reorganization optimum optimization, then it’s starts bringing in projects it covers convolutional neural networks, and then it looks at modeling and how to build models for various different scenarios. You know so this does take you to quite a useful level machine learning in deep learning and data science just these three courses.

An extra course that would be very useful especially if your background isn’t particularly strong is Mathematics for machine learning specialization, you know there’s the linear algebra that you need and multivariate calculus and ¨PCA which is principal component analysis, these are all things that you’re going to need to be able to use and understand if you’re doing machine learning and data science but it’s nice to have them all in one place taught in concise way like this, so you know that’s why I like this course which you could do alongside the applied data science or deep learning course,


And then you know is the machine learning course that’s been here for quite a while now but you know it’s a very good course even though it is a little old now and is something  that you would definitely benefit from doing for me.

I hope that was of some use and one thing I’d like to add as well is that it’s very easy to fell into the trap of starting on a course and thinking oooh no actually this isn’t the right course I need to find a better course I’ll do some more research and then finding another course and starting on that’s and the think you know this isn’t quite right  for me and going through that process a few time and really what I would say is do your research first and when you find the course that you think is right for you stick with it to the end even though might get 1/3 to 2/3 of the way though and wonder whether it’s the right course for you.

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