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How to install Anaconda (Python 3.7), Jupyter Notebook on Windows 10

Today I’m going to show you how to download and install anaconda, which is a python distribution on on your urban operating system so first.

What is anaconda ?

Anaconda is an open source distribution of R and python programming language for data science and machine learning related applications,

How we can install anaconda?

So first off all open your browser and go to Anaconda.com, go into this website and click download button in green :

Then select your system, in our case we’ll use windows, after you will see here two versions of python is available with this anaconda installation :

So what we’re going to do is install the 3.7 version (64 bit) when the download is finished we’ll click on the installation application :


If you have already installed python you can choose the first option, and wait while the installation is finished :

Once the installation is finished you go to search bar in windows and tape Command Prompt :

You write this line command : Jupyter notebook :

Execute it the application will redirect you to your localhost in jupyter notebook, click on go to juptyper :

Finally choice your python version, congratulations you’re now on your jupyter notebook :

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