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You use Python Environments with Conda ? here is how to manage them- part 2-


if this is your first visit to our website,you can check the part 1 here

Today I want to show you how to remove environments:

First let’s deactivate go back into our root and then the command for removing an environment is Conda remove – n projectlb –all. So it’s going to ask me if I want to remove all this stuff saying  yes.  

Now when I do conda info – – envs you see that project1b is gone and finally let’s get rid of project1, so we’ll do Conda – n project 1 Conda remove – in project 1 – – all say yes

Go to conda info both project one and project1 is done. So lastly if you ever need help with some of these conda install or conda commands, what you an do ? is just use the help flag so for example if I do Conda – H you can see it gives me all the options I have to use with Conda so there’s Conda list going to create Conda install update etc ….

And then if you need information on say just do Conda create – H and then you can get more information on what to use with Conda create. So if you don’t like going to the command line for help

you can always come to the website so they have a website with all the information that basically all the stuff

I went through in this article on this website.

 So here you can see managing environments creating, listing, removing, sharing, cloning, all those sorts of things so that’s it for this article.  

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