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Do you study Machine Learning ? here are the 3 best machine learning books !

Hi so these are my favorite books on machine learning, and I think they’re some of the best books available on machine learning at the moment.  What I’ve tried to do with this list is not just give you a list of great books that have great content, but also the order is important. So they start with books that give you a general overview of the field and then they become more mathematical as you go through the list incidentally.

Let me get to that list :

  1.  Hello world being human in the age of algorithms by Hannah fry

This is a really good introductory book for a general audience, Hanna Frey is a really well known mathematician in the United Kingdom, she’s a professor at UCL, she makes a wide range of documentaries for the BBC on maths and she’s really good at communicating sort of complex maths to a wide audience, and that’s what she’s done with this book.

This book is a great introductory book in terms of explaining, you know where machine learning has come from in terms of its development, where it’s going how it currently touches our life and influences our life, and the sort of applications that it’s being used for at the moment, and applications are likely to come into the future.  But it doesn’t go into the maths much, so you won’t get a lot of mathematical insight, but you will get a good context of the field and for that I think it’s really important.

2- machine learning for absolute beginners a plain English introduction

Now this is it’s an introductory book, but it goes more into the maths and the algorithms at an introductory level. so it’s more for people that think that they’re probably going to pursue this you know academically,  or as an undergraduate and  that kind of thing compared  to the previous book which just gives an overview of the field. 

3- an introduction to statistical learning with applications in R


I love this book it’s published by Springer but it’s available for free online. it is a great introduction to statistical learning,  it talks about the motivations for doing,  how it’s done,  it goes into the algorithms it’ll provide derivations of the algorithms, or most of the derivations that you’re likely to need.  it’s sort of aimed at people that don’t have a mathematical background, but need to apply these algorithms in a professional setting either sort of as graduate students of different disciplines or data scientists or new data scientists that kind of thing, and you know give you really good insight into things like linear regression, and logistic regression, and I definitely recommend it.

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