Best courses, Machine Learning

Do you study Machine Learning ? here are the best machine learning books !

  • A first course in machine learning machine learning and pattern recognition

 Really sort of similar to the previous book it covers virtually everything , you’re going to need to know as a beginner in machine learning , it covers classification, and clustering and we’ll talk about the algorithms that are used, and give you some of the derivations of those algorithms, and it’s done very well.

  •  The elements of statistical learning data mining inference and prediction

Now this is sort of the companion  text to the previous book that I mentioned an  introduction to statistical learning with applications in R, this is the sort of more advanced the chunkier version that goes more into the maths,  and gives you more insight into how these algorithms work.  I think it’s a great book and those two together , if you’re new  you know  read  the other one first the is  introduction to statistical learning and then this one and you’re pretty much covered .

  •  Artificial intelligence a modern approach by Stewart Russell

Now this  book is really really well, known you know amongst students of AI and  machine learning all around the world,  it’s the recommended  text in universities all over the world, and it’s a comprehensive book on all of the algorithms that are applied  in artificial  intelligence that of course machine learning  too, and it teaches you the maths,  you  know  it doesn’t assume you know all the maths behind  these algorithms, and  it teaches you  that too

  • Machine learning. probabilistic perspective by Kevin PbMurphy

Now this is more of a reference book,  you know you probably wouldn’t buy a copy of this you can if you like,  but you know you’re more likely to have access to it in a library,  and you know really gain some insight into areas of machine learning that you’re not sure about .

  • Pattern recognition and  machine learning by Christopher Bishop

This is a really popular text  in fact. I don’t know a machine learning  lab that doesn’t have a copy of this it’s, often recommended for master students or  people starting PhDs, it has a leaning  towards Bayesian  methods, but it’s very popular and covers  most of what you will need in machine learning,  it’s quite mathematical so don’t try to read it if you don’t have a mathematical background  because it might put you off , but definitely again it’s not on one of those reference books that you  should be.