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Data scientist VS Data analyst ?

You want to know the difference between a data scientist and a data analyst, now there’s a lot of uncertainty floating around right now because data scientists can make up to 120 K dollars whereas their counterpart the data analysts still a good paycheck, but sits around 55-65K dollars so a quite a big difference about half when you look at it but what are the differences.

So a data scientist is more of  the at arecas as a rock star in the IT industry,  so they’re going to have very proficient skills in Python,  MySQL, understanding  how to do Java development, they have a very clear understanding of analytical functions,  really good at mathematics statistics,  correlation,  data  mining  predictive,  analysts skills and also they have a really good  knowing of  the coding  language R, that is definitely adds to their repertoire quite well, but basically it’s very in-depth they have an  expert knowledge in the field.

 A lot of data scientists right now have their PhD or their master’s degree, actually according to research only about 8% have simply a bachelor’s degree,

So it’s much more in-depth now the data analysts on the other hand has a familiarity with how to use data intelligence and understanding, and working their way around data warehouses and subsets, they do have exposure to SQL and analytics which is basically a program that uses that people use to extract and then algorithms to formulate data to then present to four levels of Management, or presentations etc …they have a very good

Understanding of data storing and  retrieving data skills and skill sets,  so and what I mean  by that :  is you go in and you know you’re learning what data ? And how to extract it? so that’s kind of a data skill set is just knowing  the key principles and how to do that,  and then also they do have a good very good grasp on coding , and that helps a lot with growing your proficiency between data analysts and data scientists.

So you’re going to definitely start in a data analyst position, and then once you grow your skills, and just continue on in your education you will have potential to get to that data scientist level, but there is quite a gap in skill there.  so starting off as a data analyst about $65K data scientist heading up to around 100- 120K dollars in income.

So courses that you need to become a data analyst would be a great understanding of data analytics, the use of Hadoop is well as some knowledge in coding languages like SQL, Python and JavaScript those will just help you to understand how to use the program’s better in your job.

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