He invites PM Boris Johnson to “leave his city” and becomes a hero

During a visit to Leeds, the British Prime Minister met a passerby asking him with a very “British” politeness, to go elsewhere.

The British prime minister was visiting Leeds, in the north of England, while he now expects early parliamentary elections to obtain the majority which he lost this week in the Commons.

Followed by a BBC camera, this walk in Yorkshire County was not easy for the head of government, “You should be in Brussels in the process of negotiating”, he has notably launched a passerby very reassembled.

But these are four words uttered by another onlooker, with a calm and a typically British politeness, which made the happiness of the anti-Johnson on Twitter. A man, after shaking his hand and smiling broadly at the prime minister, simply let go: “please leave my town”

And Boris Johnson answered immediately: “I’ll do it soon!”, Before turning to look a little shaken.

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