Video records the “scary” cries of a mysterious creature in Canada

Social media users traded a video taken by a Canadian during a hunting trip and heard a strange howling sound some said was a mythical being believed to live in North America.

Vice Gino Mikis, who was on a hunting trip with his wife and grandson near Ontario in October, thought when he first heard the sound that he was returning to the moose, a huge North American deer. He had doubts.

The man’s grandson also sounded howling to respond to the unknown voice coming from afar.

But as the sound on the other side grew stronger, the family decided to withdraw and return to the car.

The man, described by the report as an experienced fisherman, said he had never heard her voice.

On the Internet, the sound is likely to be an animal called Bigfoot, a legendary North American legendary creature known as humans, monkeys, hairy and bipedal.

An official at the Ministry of Resources and Forestry in Ontario said that biologists at the ministry said the source was likely to be a large mammal, such as a wolf, but since he was away from the phone that recorded the event, “there’s no way to know for sure.”

Comments on social media show many are convinced that there are legendary animals that live among us despite the development of societies and the decline of fear of predators.

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“Even in the 21st century, the idea of ​​a half-human / half-beast figure is still attractive,” said David Floyd, associate professor at the University of South Charleston.